Castle Workalot

Step back in time to a medieval world of castles, knights, queens, kings, and simple machines. You’ll enjoy hands-on play while exploring and creating with machines and building structures. In this land, inhabitants only work a little, as simple machines cleverly bear the burden of the load.

SSAckermann Tugboat

Don your safety vests and grab a mate for an ride down the Mississippi River. Tugboat captains can explore the engine room, observation deck and cabin. The SS Ackermann Tugboat was made possible thanks to the generosity of the Ackermann family.

Orpheum Animal Clinic

Attention animal lovers—we have an exhibit just for you! Our new veterinary clinic and animal care center will focus on teaching proper pet care and encourage compassion and respect toward all living creatures. Children will enjoy learning about keeping animals healthy and happy. This exhibit is sure to inspire an interest in veterinary medicine and create a better understanding of the scientific principles of the field. This exhibit celebrates a community of partners to further Veterinary Science including: The Neitzel Family, U of I College of Veterinary Medicine, Orange Krush, and The CARE Center! Educational support from: Champaign County Humane Society , AMDOCS, Teachers for Creatures, and Canine Connections.

Critter Corner

Meet turtles, bearded dragons, snake, tarantula, and roaches that call the Orpheum home! Learn all about these amazing animals including diet, habitat, and adaptations.

Amusement Park Science

Families will enjoy exploring the physics behind the fun at amusement parks when they experience this fascinating interactive exhibition Amusement Park Science.

Bernoulli Blower

A playful and inventive way to explore the effect that moving air has on objects.

Bubble Wall

Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of bubbles. Learn about surface tension, reflecting light and rainbows. Come discover what you can do with bubbles!

Lite Brite Create

With room for nearly 1000 colored pegs, the exhibit will empower children to create vibrant designs, investigate color combinations, and play with patterns on a grand scale.

and more!

Some of our other exhibits include Water Works, Outdoor Dino Dig, Train Table, LEGO Corner, Indoor Sand Table, Creation Stations and many more!