Volunteer Opportunities

The Orpheum relies on its enthusiastic team of volunteers accomplish its mission. Volunteer opportunities come in all shapes and sizes, depending on the interests and skills of the volunteers and the needs of the museum. Volunteers can belong to one or more Volunteer Crews described below.

How to get started:

  1. Fill out a volunteer application.
  2. Read the crews below to find the one that captures your interests. Groups or individual volunteers that would like to work on specific tasks, please contact our Volunteer Coordinator.

Education Crew

This Crew directly assists our staff in educational activities. Volunteer opportunities include DIY Weekend Wizards, Super Second Saturdays, LEGO Club, Spring Break Camps, and even informal activities with children during open hours such as helping inspire puppet shows and reading science books to our young visitors. Our Field Trip Docents are skilled volunteers who are trained to lead our educational field trip activities such as the Dino Dig, Magnet Magic, and the Critter Show. And while much of our curriculum is developed in-house by our staff, there are also opportunities for volunteers to help design and implement new educational programming. If any of these activities are your passion, sign up for the Orpheum’s Education Crew.

Promotions Crew

For the Orpheum’s high quality programming to have a true impact, the community needs to hear about what we have to offer! Our Promotions Crew does a wide range of activities to help the Orpheum connect with the community such as planning and implementing marketing campaigns, assisting in the development and distribution of marketing material and online promotional campaigns, and cultivating and communicating with media outlets. If you have a knack for communicating with others whether it be through the use of the social media or by way of an enthusiastic and contagious personality, this Crew is right for you!

Facilities Crew

The Facilities Crew takes care of the appearance and organization of the Orpheum, as well as being involved in the historic preservation and renovation of our 1914 theater home. Activities might include helping with maintenance, cleaning, and organizing during monthly work days, Monday cleaning days, or assisting the Museum Associates during open hours. Sign up for the Facilities Crew if you’re interested in getting involved helping the Orpheum stay a clean and safe space for creative learning.

Exhibits Crew

Our museum is well-known for its hands-on experiential exhibits which teach science to young minds through play. Members of our Exhibits Crew are the handy-folk and tinkerers in our community that keep our exhibits in good working order. They are responsible for repairing and improving exhibits as well as designing and implementing new exhibits. Sign up for the Exhibits Crew if you think you have the ambition, skills, or creativity to build a memorable experience in a child’s life!

Fundraising Crew

Along with hard work and love, it takes money to run an organization like the Orpheum. Our Fundraising Crew assists the Operations Director in activities ranging from grant-writing, donor-relations, to planning and staffing Fundraising Events. If this sounds like your area of skill and interest, this is the crew for you!

Special Events Crew

The Orpheum is well-known for its science-themed special events such as Kids Building Fair, Mystery at the Museum Haunted House, Pumpkin Catapult, Dino Days, Winter Festival, Parade of Lights, Holiday Walks, Birthday Parties, and various other annual events. These events are lots of fun, but require lots of extra hands and lots of high-energy personalities to keep these events running smoothly. If you’re service minded, make a good host, or just like seasonal festivities, this crew will be right up your alley!